"As a 32 year old male with a young family, I was very hesitant about what effect bankruptcy would have on me long term.  Everybody has an opinion about why you shouldn't solve your debt issues with bankruptcy, but none of them really know what the effects are on your current stress levels and what it would mean for you long term anyway.

One call to Rebound Bankruptcy and the stress and the pressure I had been feeling for years was gone!  I had questions, they had answers.  We discussed what options were available and what needed to be done to make sure this was the right step for my family and myself.  They made me very comfortable in going ahead with something I perceived as so scary!  It was a simple process all organised by Rebound Bankruptcy.

I 100% recommend using Rebound Bankruptcy to help yourself get out of debt trouble!"

Chris, VIC


"Thank you for being such a big help. I will be recommending you to anyone that asks me about bankruptcy. You are honestly the best to deal with."

Alesia, QLD

   "My service provides consultation, software training, and bookkeeping support to businesses. I have been working with Rebound Bankruptcy for many years now. They have become an important collaborator for my business, often providing me with the information and resources I can share with my clients. I refer a client to Rebound Bankruptcy for an in-depth consultation and technical support where an application for bankruptcy can provide a way forward and a means to ultimately save a business.

   One reason they are so successful is that they are both knowledgeable and supportive. Rebound Bankruptcy has expertise in dealing with different business structures, whether Sole Trader, Corporation or Trust. They take the time to inform people about options and answer all their questions. If there is a complex matter they need to investigate further before providing a response, they will find information and get back to people quickly. Rebound Bankruptcy helps dispel some of the myths about bankruptcy and if this is an option that might work well for a business.

   Rebound Bankruptcy has provided reliable, timely and well-informed feedback and advice to my own business as well as to my clients. People I refer to them report positively on their competence and support. I recommend Rebound Bankruptcy to you without any reservations."

Kim, WA

"When I first contacted Tim in regards to my dire financial situation, I found his advice and knowledge extremely helpful. He was considerate and understanding. I was stressed and I felt ashamed. The process didn’t take long and it was comforting to know that I didn’t need to be ashamed. With Tim’s help the process was made easy without pages and pages of documents to complete. I would recommend Tim and his team to anyone that has found themselves in this position and who needs to create a better future for themselves."


Sarah from Gladstone, QLD.

“From start to finish, communication and understanding was ‘beyond’ amazing!  Approachable, efficient service and quick response to my situation.  I highly recommend Rebound Bankruptcy if you find yourself in a situation that it is needed.  I was nervous and doubtful but the reassurance and understanding put my mind at ease.  A big thank you for everything.” 


Judith - SA

"I contacted Rebound bankruptcy and Tim immediately helped me with the answers I had and was very  professional throughout this difficult process. During this emotional time they made sure that the process was quick and supportive. They provided me with all the information so that I could easily decide what the best options were for me. I do wholeheartedly recommend  Rebound if you have debt troubles."


John, Vic